The H.E.A.T. Collective at The Arlene Francis Center:

For the last year The H.E.A.T. Collective has been on a city search to find the best place and the space to  create a welcoming center for theatre as art, as healer, as education and as a vehicle for social change. We have found a home (for the next year at least) in Sonoma County, California at The Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art and Politics.


The H.E.A.T. Collective has been offered a year’s residency with Jessica Litwak as official artist-in-residence and director of the AFC Theatre program. We (AFC and H.E.A.T.) received a generous grant from Creative Sonoma to bring The Emma Goldman Trilogy Happening to life this March for Women’s History Month (See information below). Beyond this project the plan is to assist The Arlene Francis Center in building and strengthening their Performing Arts Program and offer H.E.A.T. workshops and classes and salons. This spring we will be collaborating we Artists Rise Up Los Angeles to recreate The FEAR Project in L.A. and in Sonoma County.

The Arlene Francis Center:

The Arlene Francis Center is a non-profit, community-centered cultural hub that provides a place to co-produce visions of a better world and co-create new ways of being. 

Situated in Santa Rosa’s historic Railroad Square, the Center produces nonprofit and charitable cultural, educational, social, ethical and ecological activities united by a common purpose—the development of a theory and practice that will foster the creation of a better world, one in which human beings will come to see one another as the source of each other’s completion, as inherently good and caring social and ecological beings who seek to fully recognize each other’s common humanity and interconnectedness with all of life, and to create a world based upon justice, kindness, love, and respect for the earth. 


Emma Goldman Day, 2019: 

The Arlene Francis Center, The H.E.A.T. Collective & Creative Sonoma present: 


MARCH 9th2019

1:00-9:00 pm.

Ten actors, three staged readings, three discussions and three meals.

Love Anarchy and other AffairsThe Snake and the FalconNobody is Sleeping

Written byJessica Litwak


The Emma Goldman Trilogy explores the life and work of the in/famous anarchist Emma Goldman.  Filled with excitement, humor and pathos, the plays portray Goldman's time in prison, her public life, and her relationship with her life-long comrade Alexander Berkman: one of the most unusual love stories of all time. The trilogy celebrates a life of passion, and revolution. Panel discussions and themed refreshments after each play. 

Surrounding Events:

March 8th

Celebration of International Women’s Day: Speakers and Short Performances

March 10th

Afternoon workshop: Writing and Performing Women’s History.

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