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  • 36 West 106th Street
  • New York, NY, 10025
  • United States

The Night It Rained

By Jessica Litwak

A Play Reading directed by Francesca Mantani Arkus

Presented by The H.E.A.T Collective

Join us for a first reading of a new play with puppets-  hysterical, historical, hilarious, heart wrenching. 

The Night it Rained is about a woman attempting to remember one night in the life of her suicidal, drug addicted, brilliantly charismatic mother.  She has to answer questions about an unsolved murder committed one rainy Christmas Eve in 1968, in the Haight-Ashbury.

Part memory play, part detective story The Night It Rained takes us on a wild journey through a world filled with rock and roll icons, moon landings, famous bank robbers, revolutionaries, sex changes, psychedelic drugs, and deep love. 


Dana Boll, Oliver Burns, Christian Cuoco,  Stacey Linnartz, Jessica Litwak, Lim Mui, Ashton Muniz, Hugh Sinclair, Clara Solly-Slade, Adam Stevens

Free Admission