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February 2nd (1:00-4:00) and February 3rd (10:00-1:00)

Rehearsals: March 3rd - 8th Performance: March 9th ALL DAY

Seeking an ensemble of 8 actors (3 women and 5 men) to play multiple roles in The Emma

Goldman Trilogy. Actors must be experienced at playing multiple roles , facile with dialects and

character work, and be able to dive into collaborative ensemble work.

Available Roles: seeking 8 actors to play the following (most likely 1&2, 4&5 and 8&9 and 10&

11) will be the same actors- although that is subject to change during the audition process.

AGES ARE JUST APPROMXIMATE- anyone is welcome to audition!

1. (Male 35-65) Nobody is Sleeping: Ernest Hemingway ,George Orwell,


2. (Male 35-65) Snake and Falcon: Ben Reitman, Mitchell Palmer, Don Male


3. (Male 45-65) All Three Plays : Alexander Berkman “Sasha”

4. (Male 20-35) Nobody is Sleeping: Nick Reynolds, Jason, Beggar,

5. (Male 20-35) Snake and Falcon: J. Edgar Hoover

6. (Male 30-50) Nobody is Sleeping: Durruti, Lorca, Train Conductor,

Commander, Dos Passos

7. (Male Actor/Puppeteer) Nobody is Sleeping: Francisco Franco

8. (Female 20-35) Nobody is Sleeping: Viva, Ethyl,

9. (Female 20-35 Snake and Falcon: Alice

10. (Female 35-65) Nobody is Sleeping: Molly, Jason’s Mom,

11. (Female 35-65) Snake and Falcon: Edith Wilson, Margaret Sanger

12. (Female 35-65) Nobody is Sleeping: Dolores, Soledad, Dorothy Parker