The H.E.A.T. Collective offers custom built rituals led by our Artistic Director Dr. Jessica Litwak. 

These events can be solo or large scale and are built according to the needs and wishes of the clients. Jessica utilizes many tools which can include a selection of music, poetry, tarot, Reiki, arts and crafts, mythology, or performances. They are always warm and welcoming, and always sacred and reverent even if the tone is very light. They can be more more artistic or more spiritual or as funny or serious as the occasion warrants and the client desires. 

Types of ceremonies include Weddings, Birthdays, Birth Blessings (for expectant parents), Christenings and Baby Naming, Healing, Seasonal Celebrations, House Blessings, Office and Project Blessings and a myriad of other occasions and purposes.


Dr. Litwak is a theatre artist, an ordained minister, a registered drama therapist and a PhD in Leadership and Change. She in an international expert in creative community building and has lead rituals around the world for over 25 years. 

Please contact us for rates and availability.