Creative Leadership


Engage 2017 with the Three C’s: 




In these uncertain, unsettling times, let’s take some time to refocus on the areas that will help us to thrive in our important work. 


In this 3-hour workshop, we will focus on these elements of Creative Arts Leadership: 

Clarity in understanding our place in a changing world; accessing our Creativity which is our greatest asset in making change and harnessing our Courage so we can face our fears and any obstacles that arise. 

Through specific applied theatre techniques we will find renewed energy, resilience and shared purpose that will allow us to face any challenges that we face in the new year. 

 We have found a huge benefit in engaging staffs in sharing personal stories, thoughts, feelings, fears, frustrations and ideas - in a theatrical, collective way - as a means of strengthening our workplace community. 

We offer this opportunity to service organizations, administrative staffs of theatre companies, funding organizations, unions and others who directly impact the lives of artists. Please contact us today to schedule a workshop for your administration, staff and volunteers..

Here is some information about a 3-hour workshop we have developed as a jumping off point that we would love to share with you...

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