The FEAR Project is a theatre piece based on interviews about fear. A group of collaborating artists asks a diverse group of interviewees 13 specific questions in a times interview. Litwak then uses the widely gathered interviews to develop a script with actors. The performers then present the piece after interviewing each audience and embedding their interviews into that performance. After each performance the team engages the audience in a vibrant discussion.  The project has so far been successfully developed and produced in three countries: India, The Czech Republic and the U.S. The H.E.A.T. Collective is offering The FEAR Project to your community. We will initiate an interview process within your city, town or region and direct a group of local actors to produce a series of performances, guided discussions and workshops that use theatre as a vehicle for personal and social change. The mission of the project is: To move, entertain, provoke and pleasure audiences with meaningful and excellent theatre, to develop compassion, empathy and understanding for each other and ourselves while becoming curious about the paradoxes that divide us, and to build communities of courageous generosity by engaging in creative, deep, free and effective conversations about fear, the hatred that grows from it, and the actions and attitudes that may resolve it. Please contact us directly with inquiries for booking.


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